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So little back ground. It is a 76 454 block. Was a marine motor that someone rebuilt and they told me that it was in a boat and they had it in the wrong firing order so their son tore it apart? Doesnt make any sense to tear the motor apart unless the rods were installed facing the wrong direction or the rod caps were installed any rate... The pistons are brand new, the rods look to be in excellent condition, a couple pistons were removed it doesnt look like any bearings were spun, need to pull the rest off and check those too. I doubt it ever ran after the rebuild.

It came with almost everything, minus the carb and lifters. $200, i could probably sell the intake and heads and recoup my money.

I have a 396 in my 73 Nova already. The motor is cursed so im yanking the ***** and getting more power at the same time. It has 119cc merlin aluminum oval port heads, weiand stealth intake, BG 850cfm race prepped carb, comp cam (lift is .595 on exhaust and intake, 260/260 degree duration at .050), rocker arm ratio is 1.7, 7/16 pushrods, should be able to reuse the ARP fasteners used all throughout the assembly of my 396 on the 454. It will be using the 2800 stall converter from TCI. Turbo 400 with upgraded internals and upgraded front sprag.

After i get the block and rotating assembly checked at a machine shop tomorrow or monday i plan to yank the 396 and get to work.

Question is this:
Should i stick with the cam from the 396? Anything else i should upgrade while i have it apart? (other than an obvious forged rotating assembly) Is this rotating assembly not going to work as it may be reverse rotation? Will the machine shop be able to tell me what comp ratio the motor is with the rotating assembly? Can i reuse the rings/oil seal on the pistons?

Here are a couple pix. Thanks for the input.


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A can tell you three things. The block is going to need to be decked because someone has hit it with a grinder/sander/ scotch brite disc and pretty much ruined the surface finish.

Taking the cam from the 396 is a terrible idea. Reusing a non-roller cam in a different block than it was broke-in with almost guarantees failure, especially with the canted valve angle of the BBC. They eat cams enough as it is, just get a new cam and lifters.

Compression ratio is going to be low with that piston and 119cc heads, roughly 8.5-1 at best with the block zero decked.
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