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Ok Here They Are, the first three occured durning engine break in. First we have the MSD spark plug boot that caught on fire. Temperature resistant my *.

Next we have myself and the upper radiator hose that got nicked by the fan after running for 15 minutes. (Hose turned out to be the wrong one for my car)

The coolest picture. Look at how my dust cover melted. Amazing. I hope someone makes steel ones.

Ok Next is my friends firebird, the guy whose fender I had to bang out. This is the car AFter I finished with it. I didn't get a before shot. That is the owner in the picture.

The grand finale, I made a little video a couple weeks ago of myself jumping the Honda. It's cool 20 second movie. I won't put the clip on here, but if you want to see it PM me. Anyway, the car bottomed out pretty bad and here is damage.

That pipe is squared on the bottom now, and that brace is missing some metal. I took the pictures tonight so the bare metal has had time to rust.

The car tilted and hit the pavement at an angle, it bent that part that you hook your tow strap on. Atleast on the one the drivers side is still strait.

Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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Hey GJ,

Glad to hear you got it running.

From the looks of the plug wire boot and your dust cover, the motor is running way lean.

I have seen steel dust covers, and you can order just the MSD boots from summit for a lot cheaper than new wires, get that motor running a little cooler and those boots will work just fine.


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With no load on the motor you should be fine for now. Edelbrock carbs are not known for being tuned lean, but given the weather, I guess its possible. If anything you might have a vacuum leak you haven't found yet, but truely, I doubt its either. Those plug boots get their butts kicked by anything. CHeck out the products I recommended for you last night in the chat (the high temp tap wrap and the boot covers- use them both.) You could wrap that part of the header, too, if you had to. Also, you can space the header out with a header-spacer. I actually have never been able to find one, but I hear they exist (perhaps you can just use a header flange). I haven't found a company yet that has its * together with bending headers for SBC in any car. They're always tight on a couple of plugs, it seems.

The dust cover was probably an ill design from the factory, doesnt accomodate the headers. See if you can make something from a fire retardant material, or even metal.

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