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Pistol Brass for sale & some rifle brass

Pistol brass for sale,this is just brass not loaded ammo.All brass is unprimed & unpolished. Mixed brands for pistol. Rifle brass is seperated by brand.All rifle brass is once fired.
Pistol brass.380, 9mm, 38spc., 357, 38 super, 40 Cal. 44mag. 45acp. 45 Colt. I have some 45acp & 45 Colt nickle plated brass. Would like to sell it in lots of 500 but I can get what you need if you order more than one Cal.
.380 - 3¢ ea.
9mm,40cal. & 38spc.- 2¢ ea.
38super & 45acp. - 4¢ ea.
357 & 44mag. - 5¢ ea.
45Colt - 6¢ ea.
I have alot of Fed.308 & some Hornady match 308
Some 300 mag,7 mag. 22-250,.222,a little over a hundred of ea. Just pm me.

Asking Price: $40.00
Condition: Excellent

Location (City, State, Country): Lakehills Tx
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