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Plasma vs Moly

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I am planning for my next rebuild,quite possibly in early 2007.I've got a set of Brodix Race Rite heads on the way,a set of Schubeck Roller X solid roller lifters are in the works,a Crane Sportsman shaft type rocker system is a very good possibility,plus I have a new oil pump,timing chain,gaskets,ARP fasteners,etc.etc..I have my piston choice narrowed down to a 26cc dome,open chamber ,Speed Pro/TRW design,with 5/64 inch width top and middle rings.This should give me pretty close to 10.0:1 compression,depending on the deck height.I cant decide between the regular moly rings,or spend the extra $$$ and get the plasma type,but I really dont know much about the plasma ones.Are they worth the extra money,if so,why?This is mostly just a summer driven street toy,it usually sees approximately 3-4 thousand miles each summer,although I did take it to the strip once last year and may do so again in the future,but mainly I am looking for long term reliability without the need for too much maintenance.Thanks
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plain second moly first are cheapest and all your ever need.
How about it,surely there are more opinions on this subject,I want to hear more!
Is this engine for the street or the race track? If its for the street it looks like you're spending a lot of extra money on race car stuff thats absolutely not needed for the street other than bragging rights. Its your dime but as Johnsongrass aludes to just get the regular moly rings.
If we´re talking about a 300-350hp smal-block I wouldn´t bother with anything but stock replacement rings. I drove my last ~360hp CSB for 3 summers with a lot of racing and had no problems what so ever with cast rings.
Well this is a High Performance big block I have,LS-6 crate motor,Comp XR280R solid roller cam,Doug Nash 4+1 5 speed,Ford 9 inch rearend,so Im guessing the gross horsepower at approximately 550-600,its just about due for some attention,especially in the piston and head dept.Its seen a lot of hard driving in its time!
I would go with johnsongrass. Just ordinary molly first and plain second will do.
Plasma last longer but are a real pain in the *** to seat. Molys are great for usual street duty. If you're really onerned about power I would go with a set from Total Seal. Call them up and tell them what you want- and be sure to go Gapless. I forsee a split top with a gapless second in regular moly being their recomendation, but give them a call and chat a little- they know their stuff. Their rings are a bit more cost, but think of it this way, when the spark ignites, the gasses expand, and they press the rings- the rings hold the power in the cylinders and out of the crank case- they also add about 4 inches of vacume at idle. If you're going to spend momney on all the race stuff also spend it on something I consider essential for a good stock rebuild.
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