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please help - bare metal question

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Here's my situation. I have my nova totally stripped down to bare metal and am in the midst of doing the body work. Unfortunately I have two kids and a job which has brought me to the realization that I'm not going to have the body work completed for literally a few months.

I know this may be a dumb question but I want to know if there is a rattle can primer that I can apply to the bare metal to protect it from surface rust between now and when the car makes it to a paint shop. Ideally I'm looking for something that the paint guy will be able to prime right over the top of. I know this may be a pipe dream but I figured I'd at least ask.

Short of painting it, are there any other suggestions as to preventing light surface rust between now and the paint shop. The car is in my garage and is covered when I'm not working on it but I don't know what else to do. I'm also concerned with protecting the filler work that I've done too.

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I'm not sure about putting rattle can primer on it.I myself like to seal it with DP-90.But that's me..I'm sure there is a lot of people here that do a lot of painting that will give you a good answer.And remember,There's never a dumb question... :) Remember..It's dumb not to ask !!! :drunk: A lot of paint shop's will not paint over rattle can primer.So be careful what you put on it.. :)
No Rattle can paint is going to protect it.
With the exception of the custom made 2 part ones
that some car paint stores offer.
The cans found at regular stores are lacquer and that's not for
bare metal. Lacquer primer is like a sponge, water goes right through it.

Epoxy primer is what you need, it's the only primer that is
truely "waterproof" and will keep it protected.
This exact question gets asked at least once a month.

Get some 2 part epoxy primer. I do the same thing as you, take forever on bodywork when I don't have large chunks of time. You can mix up small batches of epoxy at a time, and just brush it on for your purposes. Then when you're all done, you can scuff it flat and shoot another coat of epoxy, selaer, 2K build primer, whatever you need.

Never leave bare metal or bare filler for any length of time, and don't waist your time on rattlecan primer.
Epoxy primer is the answere..we shoot the entire car when it comes back from the blaster then proceed with metal work at our leisure..I use the SPI as it is the best value I have found..

Go to home depot and get so rustsloum zinc primer. Just apply a thin coat protects for quite a while. Can be sanded off or washed off with wax and grease remover. In a large spray can with a gray lid.I used it on some bare metal sheet metal parts I had to put into storage while I built my new shop. Stored in unheated building in mn for a yr. and a half with very little rust. So I know it works. and its cheap.
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