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I need help with fitting a floor in my 34 3 window ford.

Its a fiberglass body with no steel frame or floor going on a kiwiconnection chassis. When the body is on the chassis and the front body mounts are siiting on the chassis, theres about 1/2" gap between the body flange and the chassis (see photo). The top side of the k member is about 1/4" below the top of the chassis. I'm thinking of using 3/4 marine ply floor.

I have a good idea how i'm gonna build the steel work inside the body, over the doors, cowl etc. The bits that i haven't got my head around are:

1) How best to attach the floor to the body, considering 2
2) How to attach the steel framework inside the body to the chassis.

If the steel feet (and flat bar) of the body framework sit on top of the floor, then the ply would/could crush to some degree. Bolting the feet directly to the chassis would be stronger and more rigid, but that makes the floor connection to the body more difficult .

So whats the best way - Should I use steel bosses inserted in larger (slightly) holes in the ply so the bolts can pull up tight agains them? or should the framework be bolted directly to the chassis?

Appreciate any thoughts...


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First determine just where the floor is to go in relation to the build..if it is highboy then the floor goes at the bottom of the body..If the body is to be channeled then the floor is raised in the body the amount of the channel..Hope you get that point..Then cut your plywood to shape allowing for the trans tunnel and while you are at this fit the rear bulkhead (the piece between the drivers compartment and the trunk) and get that where you want that piece to be..I use hot glue to hold the pieces where I want them until I get the floor and aft bulkhead glassed into place..You mentioned Kiwi so I take you are in New Zealand and there are lots of boat builders there who ar every well versed in glassing ply bulkheads and such into boats and can provide materials for this purpose..Once you have the floor and aft bulkhead glassed in to place then glass over then so the ply is encapsulated in glass. the place the body on the chassis and carry on with the metal work you have in mind..Just bolting through the floor to the chassis is sufficient as long as you have good metal mounts welded to the chassis and good mounting plates on your roll cage or whatever..

Good luck
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