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pontiac V6 to chevy V8 swap

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hey i'm a biker with plenty of experience wrenching on harleys, but not cars. i recently trashed the V6 in my '91 firebird. a friend of mine has a wrecked camaro (88 or 89, not sure) with a 305 that i can get for little or nothing. both cars have auto trans. can i swap the 305 for my V6 easily? can i use my pontiac trans? are there any problems encountered with this kind of swap? i've noticed that the alt. & a/c comp. are on opposite sides, on each motor. any tips on this swap would be greatly appreciated. -snake
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Personally I have not did that upgrade but for the most part you will need to get the propper motor mounts ie camaros with the engine they should fit fine, Iwould be more concerned if the trans matchs up first. The a/c is going to be hoses and brackets. and watch out for the radiator it might need to move one way or another.
Start off by pulling both, with transmission attached.... then switch the stuff into the car that ya want to run that goes with that motor that does the same. Radiator for the 8 may be bigger... if ya swap the trannies with the motor, then ya don't have to worry about matchin' 'em up. Call you favorite GM parts guy and make sure the computers are compatable... enjoy your next two days off!!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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