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I recently bought a 85 pontiac 6000 with a six cyl multiport the engine is bad ie. rods knocking in lower end. I want to know what my direct bolt in options are here. do I have to go with the same 2.5 or can I move up to a 3.8 or god forbid cn I squeeze a small V-8 in the little devil.

come on fellow gear-heads lets see what you know.
and what we can figure out.
I only paid a hundred bucks for it so I can put a few in the engine.
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I don't think the 3.8 will work, but I have heard that the 3.4 chevy will...stovebolt
I think that a 3.1 or 3100 will work for you, but if you can find a 3400, you should snag it! If it's out of a junked car, make sure to grab all the comp. stuff as well, as it will help with the whole bolt in effect.
As for a V8 in it, with a little imagination, you could fit almost any engine in almost any car. I once saw a guy who had a 454 in a 1960's VW Beetle! :eek:
I'm unaware of a 2.5 v6 from GM. I am familiar with the 2.8 v6 which is the same basic engine as the 3.1 and is a direct bolt in. The only other thing that may require a swap would be the ecm. Dont mess with the 3.4 as there are vaccum issues involved.the 3.8 also requires major electrical mods. Cadillac has three v8's to chose from but I'm not sure if you want to go through that much work............have fun

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