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Ok you all help me to confirm that the booster vacuum canister is defective on
my Ford F1 1950 pu under the floor mounted unit. I test it with a vacuum pump
and it does not pull a vacuum let alone hold a vacuum. I checked the tubing and
check valve they test ok. I bought this new with the master cyl. but it has
never worked and it was over a year and a half since I installed it to find out
it was defective. This is one of those 7" units. What I would like to
know if there is a vehicle make and year and engine that I could use to go to my
local AutoZone or Kragen and ask for a replacement and then get one with a life
time warranty and probably cheaper then I paid for the pair. The place I got it
from are not around to ask about it for a while they are out to some car shows.
Thanks for your help Ed ke6bnl

Ed G
70 miles N.E. of Los Angeles
Agua Dulce, Ca
1963 Econoline pu, 50 f1 Ford PU,48 Ford F3, 70 Chevy lowered shortbed c10,`
1953 chevy AD 3100 pu
70 chevy shortbed C10, 68 Ford Mustang

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I really HATE those under the floor mounted mastercylinder setups!!!!!!! The pedal should/will be hard as a rock...and mister I mean HARD!!!! Like standing on a rock..THEN the canister is probably fer ****sky!! Try something from and s10pu...might work best!! Actually the best thing is to get your mastercylinder up on the fire wall and not under the floor!!! Just my opinion of yourself a LOT of HEADACHS!!


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