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PPG K36 K201, DCU 2001 Clear Coat & more ...

I have PPG products that are about 10 yrs old but seem to still be good. Prefer not to put them in hazardous waste if someone can use them. Can ship anywhere in 48 states, as far as I know.

The K36 Primer Surfacer stirs up well, no chunks and no cottage-cheese look. The DCU2001 clear coat is unopened (to best of my memory) so I didn't open it to check. As for Reducers, some are unopened and I don't have any idea if they change over time.

I'm looking for best offer plus shipping. Would prefer to sell all items at once but not mandatory. Here's what I have:

K36 (4/5 gal) K201 Cat (4/5 Qt)
DRR 1185 Reducer - full gallon
DCU2001 Clear Coat - full gallon
DU5 Urethane Hardener - 2 full Qts
DT870 Reducer - approx 1 Qt

I have no idea what shipping costs will be.

Asking Price: Best Offer
Condition: Good

Location (City, State, Country): Hillsborough, NC, USA
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