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Pup, your wrong on the galvanization.

Asennad, you need ungalvanized metal. Not only with the galvanization contaminate the welds making it hard to get good tacks(more later), it is releases a poisonous gas that can make you ill. Just get another patch piece.

As for the tacks, you want to use one tack at a time like pup said, but go very slowly. I like to make sure I can touch the previous weld with my finger and not feel any heat before moving to the next one. If you use small tacks there is no heat in a matter of seconds as it disapates quickly. You want to use .023 MIG wire with shielding gas when welding FYI.

As for the patch itself, you want a butt weld with a hairline gap, maybe .025 or so. To hold it in place I would tack weld a piece of coat hanger or something to the patch. You can hold it in place to get it started witht the first tack, and push or pull with the coat hanger to line up the edges as you tack it in. Just grind off the hanger when it is tacked in place.

Last, take your time on the welding. It is not uncommon to spend several hours welding a patch if it is very big. You want to make sure and not get the panel hot at all.


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