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The last time I used epoxy on my car, it was Lesonal. The same brand as the basecoat color. A more relevant question might be what brand is LATECH using.
Not at all, really. I just thought I could learn something new about good quality epoxy primers that aren't overpriced. Guess not.
What does "same brand" as the base coat have to do with the epoxy.:confused:

L.A. I post a lot about epoxy primer because its THE most important part of a quality job. You want a good solid foundation to build on and not have it fail after you've spent a bunch of time and money. You've been a member long enough to know what epoxy to use if you choose to buy shopline all I can say is, its your labor and money.
leaving that e coated unknown primer is a chance for a problem to occur sanding it off is a sure way NOT to have that happen regardless of what the production shop guys say. Here's a good rule to remember when using aftermarket panels
If the panel says "made in China" sand the primer off its not good quality.

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I Know DB . I see you post about SPI being the best. I am not doubting your opinion. No doubt your opinion is based on the facts that you have used it and had great results.

I dont know. I did ask 2 very good bodymen here where I live (who both own there own shops) and I know them well enough and have seen their work to know that it is good.Both have a classic or two of their own and ,of course, they both look killer.
They both use shopline, by PPG and always have great results that last.

Not saying SPI isnt the best. It may very well be. I was going to buy SPI but decided to buy local at the Platinum PPG store where the body guys get theirs.

The fellers at the paint store are helpful, and the one guy (who helped me the most) lives not to far and said he would come over to my house if need be to help if I had trouble. I didnt expect that.

But I bought PPG cause the other body guys said its good. I think It covers and builds pretty well, but then I am not a pro so .......

I guess, mostly, I went with the PPG because of the convenience to buy local as well as a good rapport from the local Guys.

I am not hurrying the process as I work on the car. I am sure to follow tech sheets, procedures, sanding properly etc.

BTW, have you ever had a finish fail because of a poor quality E coat?
Not trying to be flip, just trying to get the facts.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks to IDJ and MartinSr. too .
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