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Sorry, should this go somewhere else on the forum?

I’m in need of a new distributor, the one I have does not have a vacuum advance and quite frankly is a POS from Summit. I love summit, this distributor is garbage though. You get what you pay for stands true.

Right now I just have a 6AL box with a blaster coil and the aforementioned distributor. I also need a way to pull timing for a supercharger I just added. So essentially, I need a boost retard box and a new distributor.

Doing some reading I came back across the “Progression ignition” brand of distributors. It is a neat idea. A timing table option similar to an EFI type timing table that eliminates springs/weights and is programmable with your phone. It also has a boost retard option built in with a 2.5 bar map sensor.

Fairly new company. I’m always worried, especially in this economy, of someone new having to shut their doors. Not much for reviews that I can find out there.

Any opinions? Anyone use one?
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