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Hello. I've read on here that Bondo brand stuff is lower quality, but Ill just use that term so you know what I mean :)

When is that stuff used wrong? Obviously when it fills in large holes, and I think I've heard more than 2-3 mm thick?

For example, my lower quarter panel has some rust in an isolated area. If I cut out the area and welded in a new piece, is any filler needed? I've never ever even taken sand paper to a car, so this will be a new experience.

Can I properley use filler to smooth out the repair patch there?

A fender rust along the apex of the wheelwell. It's not a hole yet, but is pretty deep by the looks of it. Because of the location (the edge of the panel), is this more difficult to repair for someone who is very inexperienced?

Could anyone point me to a very illustrated step by step tutorial for this kind of thing? I'm a very slow learner, and that last thing I want to do is make a bigger mess than there was before.

Thank you very much.
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Ideally, you want to use as little filler as you can. If there is rust, you want to remove it. You can either cut it out, if it is all the way thru, or you can read a thread started by Randy Ferguson, that covers rust removal. As far as filling on patch repair areas, most people do. You get it as close as you possibly can, then use filler for the rest.

There is alot of information available on the internet on body repairs. You can also do it the "Old fashioned way" and go to the library or book store, for basic information. For specific questions, you can do a search on this site, as most everything has been covered at one time or another. To get even more exact, post a photo or 2 of the area that you are working on. There are plenty of well qualified people here to help. If you read some of the other posts, you will see a pattern of who provides the most accurate information.

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