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I am specifically looking for the proper method of preparing used covers with existing paint, should the cover be stripped right to bare plastic?

The reason I ask is I have seen so many sanded ones with scratches that show through that I don't want mine to look like that.

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You CAN sand it to bare plastic, but if the stock-paint is still adhering good (not breaking off, or 'flaking' away), you can get away with sanding it with 600-grit for a bite, then putting on some epoxy primer/sealer, then, if you want, sand it lightly with 800 or a red scotch-brite pad, then spray your BC/CC. If the peice has to be twisted all around to be put back on, you may want to add some flex additive to it, also.

The Scratches you saw were from someone sanding real HARD with 600 grit, or with 400 or coarser paper, then just shooting over that. The sanding marks will show through from 400 grit.

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Hey Chuck, I posted a topic on painting plastic a while back I got this very detailed response. It starts with bare plastic, but that would be easy to acheive with some aerosol paint stripper from your local parts store. Here is the response:

Turbo, Make sure that you prep the plastic correctly also. If it has a slick feel to it, it probably has a mold release agent on it. The manufactures use this so the plastic releases out of the mold. So you must prep it right for the paint to stick. Here is the correct procedure.
1. Wash the part with warm soapy water very thoroughly.
2. Clean the plastic with a plastic cleaner. It must be a cleaner made for plastic. Wax and grease removers will not work correctly. The wrong cleaner and it might not stick.
3 Check to see if all the mold release has been removed. Rub the plastic with your finger and if it is squeaky clean then it is good. If it still feel slick repeat steps 1 and 2.
4. Next scuff the plastic with a fine scuff pad. 3m has a grey pad that works well. If you need to sand anything, wetsand with 320 grit sand paper.
5. Now clean the plastic with the plastic cleaner again to get ready for paint.
6. Once you have it all set up for paint, apply to coats of a plastic adhesive promoter with 5 min flash between coats and 20 minutes before sealer.
7. Spray on your sealer with a flex additive in it. let flash.
8. Check your paint rep for adding flex to the base. Dupont does not recommend it.
9. Spray your clear with the flex additive in it.

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