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Well, i got my block back from the machine shop and everything. Ready to start putting it together. I still have a couple things i need to get, but need advice as i havent really messed with carbs much. also compression will be right around 8.3:1 in case anyone was wondering...

I need to know:

1. what turbine size is best for a twin turbo setup?

2. what would be a good carb?

specs on turbo i would like to use (if they will work)
come with 1 year no questions asked warranty
3" inlet Diamenter /2"Outlet
0.58 5 Bolt standard hotside
0.57 Compressor wheel trim
0.50 A/R Compressor
0.63 A/R Turbine
57 Trim
Turbine Wheel: Exducer 2.48" / Major :2.89"
Compressor Wheel : exducer :2.07" / Major 2.36"
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