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Push Brake, Hang Left, Clean Shorts!

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I AIN'T kidding with the title of this thread.

My newly aquired 1988 GMC Suburban has this little ANNOYANCE of:

From ANY speed you press on the brake normally, the brakes grab in a fashion that takes you for a "left turn Clyde" ride, but just as quickly as this abrupt left happens, it gives control back to you and normal straight line braking is allowed to resume as you had hoped would happen when first attempt at braking is made. In essence you need to correct for the problem, and then the problem corrects itsself, which makes you correct your own correction, are you confused yet, me too!
I checked the front discs and pads, they check out fine, externally, and the caliper doesn't seem to have a hang-up on either side.
I haven't had a chance (and will definitely do it tomorrow) to jack up the rear to check and adjust if necessary, the rear brakes.
After purchasing this thing last week I had a balance problem from all four wheels, that was corrected by proper inflation pressures, and clearing the globs of mud/debris/etc. from all four wheels.

The wife has expressed her displeasure, and concern for this problem.

ALLDATA's TSB listing gives me somewhere to start looking, but where can I find the full text bulletin listing, or just for what I am looking for.

Here is what I have so far:
TSB number Date and Description

883795 DEC 88 Brakes - Pull While Braking
88T1845 JAN 89 Brakes - Pull/Lead When Braking

These are the only two listings that apply to my problem, where in the world do I find the full context?
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CK the caliper on the opposite side from the pull

sounds like a caliper sticking and then moveiong to engage the pad...look for rust and or dirt or a groove of being cocked...that ususally happens with worn pads and overextended if the pads are like new the caliper must have some rust/dirt on it and its hanging up just a bit!!! My Chevy van does that on pads and the caliper boots look good but haven't pulled one off the ck for rust/ dirt on the side.


Rat Rods Rule!
I had the same problem with my Suburban, replaced the calipers, pads, and rotors, was still there. Finally replaced the flex hoses and that fixed it.

Was gonna say flex hoses or junk in the brake lines, but got beat to it............
Everything checked out on both drums, and everything else was normal on the front with the discs, caliper push and return (not under load while driving though), and the pads and shoes being normal.

All I thought about after everything else checking out was torn liner in a flex hose creating a check valve effect, I've seen this happen before.

I'ts time to upgrade to the teflon lines stainless flex lines, I've used them before and like them better anyways.

I'll leave an update on this for future reference.

I just thought about it and it would have to be the right flex hose not allowing the caliper to clamp until pressure normalizes, that would explain getting braking effort back.
you probably got a hose collapsing like already stated replace the flex hoses and see if that helps also would hurt for you to replace the pads and clean the calipers up a bit while ur there

Have you checked your system for air bubbles?
fleh hoses

I would also say replace the right flex hose and you should be good to go
i concour, flex hose, had the same problem with the impala new hoses and good to go.
helrazr3 said:
i concour, flex hose, had the same problem with the impala new hoses and good to go.
For what they cost I am going to replace all three, and bleed the entire system.

It CANNOT hurt to replace 16 year old normal-wear parts even if they aren't all bad.
This wouldn't happen to be a 4x4 is it? If it is the problem is most likely bumpsteer...if it is lifted at all that would just make it worse.
Nope, it's 2WD and it happens more with more braking effort, sounding like the others said, flex hose acting like a check valve until pressure equals.

Operates like it should when slowly pressing on the brake pedal.

I haven't gotten the hoses yet but I've only put 400 miles on it since I got it three weeks ago. I have too many irons in the fire and this is a medium priority item.
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