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Pushin Gm

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Hey wats up everbody jus found this site look pretty cool n helpful anways i drive a 86 cutlass supreme brougham got the stoKC 307 n everthing else pretty much stoKC except the radio n steering wheel gonna be doin some upgrades startn wit the motor gotta get rid of that DAMN 307 need more power but jus fig if i had any questions looks like u fellas would give a good advice N if i can be any help i will sure be more than glad to help to
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welcome to the forum......
hey... i know that you'r new at typing.....stick with it..!!!.. but just a "heads-up"'r typing is hard to read / fallow....hard to keep interested if you can't read......and use spell-check..
Welcome to the site... :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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