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Hi everyone,

I haven't been posting much but I've been a regular and avid reader of the postings in the past half year or so. And I've learned an awful lot along the way too, thanks to the informed discussions that one finds here, thanks a ton!

My new 283 with Vortec 305 heads went into the Bel Air yesterday. Now I'm looking at changing from the Edelbrock 500 CFM to a Q-jet to get the best fuel economy possible. I want to order a 750 Q-jet and be able to specify the exact jetting and rods. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about the Q-jet, other than it was very good on gas on the '69 Cutlass I once had a long time ago. My goals are the best attainable fuel economy while retaining good operating characteristics (car isn't a racer...).

Here are the car's specs:
3800 lbs.
283 c.i.
Performer intake
Comp Cam 240H
200-4R tranny
3:73:1 Diff.
225-75-R15 Tires
Vortec 305 heads giving C.R. of 9:1
short headers
dual 2.5 inch exhaust
MSD 8361 fully adjustable distributor
MSD 6A ignition, HVC II coil
MSD Super Conductor wires
NGK Iridium IX plugs
All synthetic lubricants

What combination of rods, jets, springs etc. would be ideal for my purposes? I would use an electric choke. Is there a particular model of carb body I should ask for or avoid (smogger models?)?

I have a timing related question too: what total timing should I go for assuming hi octane gas is used?

Once everything is up and running I'll post a report on how well it all turned out...
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