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Question about priming over body work

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I finished painting my doors, fenders, & bumpers.
All that is left is to spray my quarters & hood, On one of my quarters there are 6 small dings in about a 1 by 2 foot cube. I plan to sand the dents down with 80 grit then apply my filler. My question is can I just spot prime this cubicle area then block that & paint the whole panel? Or is it a must I prime the whole area?

The existing finish is in good condition so If I can avoid having to prime the whole thing since it goes all the way to the front pillar I'd like too.

What do you think?

Car is a faded black, I'm using Single stage Urethane *jet black*, Primer is a high build urethane surfacer *grey*
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The primer is to seal the filler and fill the scratches ,so its not needed and is actually a waste of material and time (sanding) to prime the whole panel..since the old paint is black and your primer will most likely be grey just give the primer spots a light coat of paint before you paint the whole thing...If you do this it really dosent matter what color primer you use...
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