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Question about wheel stud size and axles

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wheel stud size and axles 7.5" 10 bolt

Educate me!
My rearend is out of a late seventies or early eighties monte carlo and is a 7.5" 10 bolt. It was in a dirt track race car and has been fitted with larger diameter and length wheel studs. Were the axles modified to accomodate those larger diameter studs, or can I knock them out of the axles and replace them with the stock size stud to fit my new sreet rims?

The studs are a large enough diameter that only the unthreaded part on the tips of the studs will fit into the lug holes on the rims.


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Circle Track stuff is commonly 5/8-11 studs - you hammer out the stock studs, drill & ream the holes to 43/64" and then hammer in new splined studs. Therefore going back to a stock 7/16" stud isn't going to happen. The one thing to check - you could pull your drums and by chance maybe they drilled a new pattern instead of enlarging the stock ones - then you could insert new studs into the old holes.

Another note - if that 7.5" has seen any time in a circle track car you may really want to consider buying a new set of Moser axles - they are about $235 a pair and are much stronger (along with having the correct size holes for stock studs). It is very common to fatigue or flat out break a stock 7.5" axle and I've bought at least one dirt car in the past that has had a bent axle upon inspection.

Hope this helps you out some - one class I run limits me to a 7.5" rearend so I've got a little experience in breaking them and then making them durable (in that order!). Jim
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Thanks for the reply, I think you are right on. The rearend was freshly rebuilt when I got it, and had only been run in 4 races I think, but either way it looks like those axles are getting replaced. I also have to get new gears and a posi unit to replace the mini spool. Looks like all I am keeping is the housing! Does anyone know, if all 7.5" rear ends are 26 spline, or are some different?
You know, I think I've seen Superior list 28 spline axles for a 7.5" in a catalog, but I've never seen anything other then a 26 spline in person and I've never seen anything other then a 26 spline mini-spool for a 7.5". This isn't to say it doesn't exist, just that I haven't seen one.

Seems like you are going through an awful lot of work - does it have special mounts on it or something? Another thought is to hang out at a local circle track and talk to some street stock/pure stock guys during the first test and tune - if any run 7.5's I would bet they have a few spare stock ones and would trade you even up for what you have - that way you have something that doesn't need so much work and they have something usable in a race car. Just a thought if you plan on changing ring and pinion and carrier and axles.
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