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Question on Driveshaft for 700r4 swap

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I am swapping in a 700r4 for my th350 in an 86 cutlass. I am young and still learning as much as possible. Everyone tells me i need to shorten the driveshaft three inches. I have heard this can be somewhat costly so i was wondering if it would be cheaper to use the yoke from my trans and rearend and just replace the shaft part, that way i could just go to a junk yard grab one and replace the u-joints, would i need to get the driveshaft balanced after this? Also is their a standard size of the u-joint caps to make sure the drive shaft i get is the right size. Thanks
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You may be able to find one in a yard, may take some time tho'. There are a few different sizes of U-joints so you will have to measure the width of joint and diameter of caps. Your car probably has a 1310 or 1330 U-joint. Stock ones have plastic that needs to be heated to soften it then pressed out.
will i need to get the shaft balanced if I go to a yard and piece one together? Also about how much does it cost to have a drive shaft shortened?
You can have the driveshaft you have now shortened. You can measuer it and then call around to sme bearing suppliers and see if they shorten and balance drivshafts. Some do and will likely carry the u joints you need and will put them in for you. I recently had mine shortened and balanced for $75 plus the cost of 2 new u joints ihstalled, about $27 apiece. You can get joints for almost any conversion.
Go to Dennys drivshaft for a print out of one way to measure. It is very detailed. Measure 20 times and know what you are talking about when you tell the shop what you want. They should be within a 1/4 inch..
Driveshaft shops will want about $350 for a new balanced one.
zildjian4life218 said:
will i need to get the shaft balanced if I go to a yard and piece one together? Also about how much does it cost to have a drive shaft shortened?
No need to rebalance. Shortening a driveshaft costs about $80 to $100 here, prices vary from place to place. There are also adapter Ujoints to go from one size to another. Make sure you measure it first, rather than just cut 3". push the front yoke in all the way, pull out one inch, and measure it there with the rear axle having the weight on it. Center to center of the Ujoint caps is where you measure.

That chassis came with that trans, so chances are good you can get one in a salvage yard.
ive only ever seen the 200 and 2004r in the G bodies, never a 700r4

are you sure the 700r4 came in any g bodies?

if so then you should be able to find the drivesahft in a junkyard

otherwise just take out 3" from your existing driveshaft or go driveshaft hunting with a tape measure in the yards

i shorten my own shafts often

all you need is an old arc welder


if you could find a 2004r then thats whati would do because they are the same length as the 6" tail th350 that you have in yours

if you have no way to shorten the shaft yourself
or cant find anyone to do it for you

good luck
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80-88 G-bodies came with 3-speed 200C, 4-speed 2004R & 3-speed 350C only. All 3 had lockup TCC/TorqueConverterClutch.
350 to 700R4 swap Info. >

Other swap Info. >
wow thanks for all the replies and info. I will probably look to have mine shortened and balanced. $100 bucks ain't a bad deal. I was told around $350-$400 which seemed ridiculous because that's what a new one costs. The car originally came with a v6 and some three speed auto (not a th350). I put in the TH350 a while back when i put in the sbc and ordered a new crossmember for it, and now i am putting in a 700R4 for the OD.
as mentioned the 700 trans was not in these cars..

I think GM never had the trans emission certified for that body since they knew the chassis was to be canceled - deleted - dropped from production.

the trans will fit , I have installed 700's into them
My mistake, I read that as 200R4, not 700R4, should have been wearing my glasses.
It might be less of a headache to just shorten and balance your existing shaft. Look for a Driveline shop that has a balancer. It should cost around 80 to 100.
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