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Question regarding Hawthorne Rayflex Acrylic Enamel from Ebay

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Hi guys, this is my first post here at the forums. :) I am looking for a little help regarding the Hawthorne Rayflex Acrylic Enamel that can be found on Ebay. I bought a gallon on black last summer to repaint my daily driver Sentra. The paint went on fine but did not "flow out" as I expected and left the "orange peel" texture. I have been shooting paints (mostly bc/cc) for the past three years and have never had this much problem with getting the paint to "lay down" for a lack of a better word. I have been using the hardener with it (mixed, 8 to 1 as the instructions say) and it seems like the paint sets up way to quick on the panels. I have tried both Medium and Medium-Fast Enamel reducers and have the same results. The gun I have been using is the HVLP (Central Pneumatics) from Harbor Freight. My questions to you guys are:

-- What ratio of paint/thinner are you using. The back of the can says mix it 2/1 while the Ebay page says 4/1. I emailed the guy selling the stuff and never got a response.

-- Do you think I should leave out the hardener to see if it will flow better?

-- What type of guns have you guys been using? Siphon? HVLP? Gravity?

-- Any other tips/tricks I am missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. At this point I have exhausted all of my ideas. :( I am only 24 so I guess I am still new at this stuff. ;)
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At this point we really cannot help with the info we have.

Is the hardener same brand as paint? If it is or is not it may be a panel or fast activator, thats why its drying so fast.
If thats the case you need to go get an allover activator.

Next, I would believe the label as far as mixing instructions before ebay.

Go to paint store and get some PPG-DFX80 or Dupont 793 activator
mix it 8:1 and that alone will make it a great paint.
Thanks Barry,

Yeah, I think the stuff is a panel activator. The brand is not the same as the paint unfortunately. I have a nice paint shop just down the road and I will go see if I can find some of the PPG-DFX80 or Dupont 793 activator.

Could you tell me if this actviator is the same as a hardener? I am guessing so. Please LMK. Thanks for the help.

By the way, my hot rod is not this Sentra, it is a '65 Mustang Fastback that I am restoring. :) I won't be using this paint on that car just so you know. ;) Thanks again.
6:1 1/2 a dozen or the other.

If that store only has the activator in another company, any ac/en
activator will work, just get the slow or allover.
They will know what you need.
I've painted an entire motorhome with Rayflex recently. I have developed a feel for the stuff. I've been thinning the primer about 2:1 and apply several coats to get some thickness built up. The color I do at about 4:1. Use SLOW reducer. I find it deceptive to use. You put on some paint and it looks like you have good coverage but you have thin paint and usually, dry spots. I've been putting on a medium coat initially and let it flash. I follow with 2 full wet coats allowing 15 min. between them. I finsh by taking the ready-to-spray paint and adding about the same amount of reducer so you have about a 50/50 mix. Open your gun up for a wide fan and spray a light wet coat to finish. The thin paint will come out like a rocket so increase your distance to 16" or so.
The heavy, wet coats will provide a solid deep color base and the final thin coat will give you a uniform metallic (if you are using metallic) and a glass smooth surface.
You really have to be carefol that you don't end up with spots that are too dry. Better than usual lighting helps.
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julmer, were you using any hardener/activator when you were spraying? Thanks for the tips, I am going to repaint the hood on my Sentra (worst place that orange peeling occured) and see if I can get the paint to flow better. :) Thanks again.
I've tried it both ways, no hardener and hardener at 8:1. Without hardener, it takes just short of forever for the stuff to really dry - like a week in the sun! With the hardener, I did a grille in the afternoon and had no problem handling and installing it the next day. There also was a noticable gloss improvement with the hardener.
I would not recommend omitting the hardener.
It did seem to spray about the same way with or without.
This question is for Julmer.

Hello I am painting a car with the Rayflex primer and paint off ebay. How much time do I have after I prime the vehicle that the paint has to be applied. The problem is I have the non sandable primer. Or is that deceptive. Can that primer be sanded without things being screwed up. Also thanks for the helpful info in your above post...

Thanks Don ;)
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