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I am in the middle of changing camshafts in my 383 from a radical hyd roller to a more mild hyd roller (230/236 112lsa).
My previous cam produced no vacuum at idle, had a lot of overlap and the duration was too high. It was on a 108lsa. Couldn’t tune the carb for nothing. I’d say there was a flurry of reasons as to why. I drilled the throttle plates. Tried just about everything I knew how. During disassembly I noticed the accelerator pump arm was just rubbing the intake. So I put a 1/2” spacer in it.
my main concern is trying to get the carb back as close to factory settings as possible. I turned the idle mix screws out 1 and 1/2 turns. Fast idle doesn’t engage the cam.
my question is does anyone know the factory setting of the transfer slot in the base? I’ve always heard to open the up until enough untilabout a square in of the transfer slot is exposed. Not on issue on the primary side. The secondary side is my question. Ill post pictures for reference but I backed the secondary adjust screw all the way back and I get just more than a square exposed.
I also replaced the throttle plates to ones that aren’t drilled.
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what is your initial timing set at? The more advance the higher the idle!
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