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I have a '72 Vega notchback with a small block 350 COMP 268H cam, stock convertor, Holley 600, Hooker Headers, and a 4:56 gear in a 7.5 inch rear end.
The engine will probably only have about 290 - 310 horsepower (high estimate) - doesn't need a whole lot to get it going.

The car is meant to be a daily high school driver, and a 4:56 would not be appropriate.
I'm considering a 3:08, 3:23, or 3:42.

Can I get some recommendations on which gear would be best suited?
Upgrading to a stronger rear end isn't an option right now...
Would this be a good replacement?:

Any help would be appreciated.

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All things considered on that light weight car, you should calculate the ratio needed to get you to 2600 rpm at 60 mph.... and that of course depends on what rear tires you plan to run.

I think that would approximate a 3.25 gear with a 25 inch diameter tire. There are free calculators available on the net. Just punch in your data. :thumbup:

Don't forget that a non-lockup converter might give you 200 rpm slip.
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