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rear end question

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I have a 75 impala with the big bolt patern axels. i want to change the gears in it i want to know what other rear ends will inter change with these 8.5 rear ends thanks eric.
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8.5" 10 bolt chevy is its own

very common under billions of trucks and cars

70-up cars
some 77-82 C/K 5/10 trucks front and rear, and rear of G10 and G20 vans,
and all 83-up C/K 5/10 trucks front and rear and rear of G-10/G-20 vans

good luck
Watch out for non-standard-8.5 rear ends in those cars. They used some kind of orphan rear ends in some of them, and regular 8.5 parts won't work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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