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rear suspension bushings.

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hi there, im working on a 66 impala its not an SS just a 2 door HT. it has a 10 bolt rear axle It also has 2 trailing arms 1 sway bar from the housing to the frame and 1 what i'll call a track bar that is mounted on the pass side of the rear end and is attached to the frame using a shim pack to set the angle of the rear end. the reason i'm going with track bar is that classic industries lists a TBK kit thats $199 and it says it doesn't include the bar???? and of course there is no pic available.

now a few parts catalogs show some parts but not all and most of what they list seems to be on back order. i went to my local napa store which i have had very good luck getting parts for my car, and they were listing 4 upper rear bushings, 2 lower rear bushings, and 2 lower front bushings. aside from that there was nothing else listed in their book for the rear suspension it didn't list the sway bar or the track bar at all

the other thing was that the book didn't ask what type of rear end it was IE,10 bolt or 12 etc. so now im really confused and i need a little help to sort this all out. so thanks in advance. :thumbup:
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The higher performance V8's and all station wagons got a four link arm rear suspension -- two upper arms and two lower arms w/o a panhard bar(locator). The low performance cars got the three link -- two lower arms and one upper arm with a panhard bar for side to side location.

The Classic Ind kit gives you all the pieces to rebuild the existing panhard (track) bar.
well that makes some sense, so i just need two lower front bushings and two lower rear bushings and the official name of the other bar is a panhard bar. and then there is the sway bar. well at least i know what i'm looking for now. thanks a lot.
The panhard is the bar that spans from the driver side frame to the passenger side of the rear axle housing and keeps the rear axle located side-to-side under the car. A sway bar controls body lean during cornering and connects one side of the rear suspension to the other side of the suspension.
aaaahhhhhhh i see said the blind man.........

OK i get it now i don't have a sway bar just a panhard bar. now, the only thing i see to (rebuild )it looks like 2 bushings. so i don't get the $199 for the (kit) when the other bushings are 12 bucks a-piece unless im missing something else.

or is the kit for my 1 upper arm with the shims and so forth?
I could be wrong as I don't have a ton of experience with the full size mid 60's Chevy, but I believe the Classic Kit is for that third (upper) arm. I would call to confirm before i ordered though, all I have owned were SS model with the 4-arm suspension.
ok and thank you for all your help
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