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I just completed my first top-end engine rebuild (didn't pull the pistons and crank). The engine runs great (93 Chevy LT1 w/ Aluminum Heads) but there is a very tiny amount of water seeping out from the head gasket on both sides near the rear. It's barely enough to drip after about an hour of running the engine, but I can see it start to build up a little.

I replaced all the top-end gaskets with new Fel-Pro gaskets. Everything else seems fine.

I figure I have two choices to get rid of it.

1. Pull the headers and valve covers and re-torque the heads. I did it to spec (Haynes Manual) and in the increments and order the book stated. Perhaps my torque wrench is not calibrated correctly.

2. Or should I go the distance and pull the heads and replace the gaskets? I really really hate to do this.

I guess I could try #1 first and see if it solves the problem. But wanted some suggestions and wondered if I should just go the whole way.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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