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Has anybody wired up there air bags to a "remote" using the extra channels from a shaved door opener kit (Spal).

I have the seven channel remote door opener kit from Spal. I have 5 channels that can be used for other accesories. I was wondering if it would be very hard to wire up my "electric" switch for my air bags to deflate them. I know how to use relays and have wired up my truck using the painless kit. I would think it would be great to have a remote to deflate and even inflate if you wanted to. I am not so much on the inflate part issue just deflating

Any Ideas................. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


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I'll assume the air-ride system is using a single compressor and solenoids to control the air pressure to each wheel.

First identify the function of each relay in the air-ride system. eg. right front UP, right front DOWN for all 4 wheels.

The relays of the remote system that are used for electric windows UP-DOWN can be used for the air-ride operation.

Wire the relay contacts of the systems in parallel.

If you only have 2 functions for the windows you need to parallel 2 relays coils, each relay for each front wheel and rear wheels.

Post a wiring diagram of the air-ride system for more detailed response.

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