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Remote cooler location?

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Hello all,
I have yet to find a forum on a vehicle site dedicated to cooling issues. So, I am going to ask you all here.
I have an S10, OEM V6.
I installed a pusher fan and removed the clutch fan. That freed up a lot of room.
Now I'd like to install transmission and steering coolers. I have properly sized fans to fit them, left over from another time, another place.
I do not want to slow air flow through the radiator going down the highway.
Should I space the coolers behind, and off the radiator a inch or two, or mount them somewhere else?
I use rubber beaker plugs for spacers, with zip ties, to mount them on the radiator. Been doing so for years without problems.
This is my first use of a pusher fan.
Thank you.
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You dont need airflow through a radiatior to cool a engine if it has a proper cooling setup.

It should run within 10 degrees from 10 degrees where your thermostat opens. So a 195F thermostat would run at 205 to 215. It does not matter if your going 8 or 80. The only reason there is a 10 degree swing is because of a slight delay when pushing the engine hard to not pushing it hard like a 70mph highway to 0 mph offramp.

You can mount the cooling things anywhere they will fit. If installing a new radiatior I would look for the option of transmission coolier one one tank side and oil coolier on the other tank side.

A simple inline heatsink is more then enough for steering.
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