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jasonbeam said:
Needing to remove my Model T steering wheel from a '49 column. There's only one bolt and no other holes, so conventional pullers are out.
The hub on the Model 'T' steering wheel has an internal taper and a keyway.

As far as I know all manufacturers in '49 (you didn't say what make) used a splined shaft for the steering wheel hub. If this is what you have; the wheel has been forced on the shaft and will be difficult to remove.

However, to remove the steering wheel if installed on a tapered shaft is simple. Loosen the single nut so that the face of the nut is flush with the end of the threaded shaft. This is to prevent mushrooming the shaft. Using a brass or aluminum punch and a hammer, hold the punch against the top of the nut/shaft and strike sharply with the hammer. This will shock the steering wheel loose from the taper fit. Remove the nut and the steering wheel and the woodruff key. Sometimes some upwards pressure (use your knees) applied to the bottom of the steering wheel while striking the punch will help break everything loose.
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