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removing a warp by stretching?

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I have a warp about 3 inches around between my tail lights (very flat panel) that doesn't come out with body hammers/dollies and I heard what I can do to remove it is to use a torch and heat it up red, then put cold water on it until it is tight, then do it once more and use oil instead of water. Who has done this before and does it really work? Anything I should be aware of when I try this technique?
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My brother uses this method to get rid of "oil canning"/hail dents, it works good for him. That's all I know is that it works, but I know there's someone on here that can tell you exactly how to go about it. :)
Johnny, what your talking about is definatly not for ametures, look at the post in this section about titled Shrikage, it exsplains why. If you have never done this before (of course you havn't) I wouldn't attempt it, get a qualified or seasoned bodyman to do this for you.

Check out these sites for some tips. They are from some different forums but offer suggestions as to what may or may not work.
<a href="][/URL] This might might be pretty good.

One of our friends runs a bodyshop and to remove hail dents etc, he will heat up the metal and use dry ice to shrink it down with...pretty neat to see done but I don't think I would try it myself though.
P.S. Seasoned Bodymen were once Rookies too...if you feel confident then try it,you'll never learn anything by letting someone else do your work for you.
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