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Removing vinyl roof?

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I am currently building a 1970 cadillac calais low rider and I want to remove the vinyl roof it just doesn't look right ya know. How can this be done? Ya I know its not a hot rod, but out of the factory it made over 375HP, and 525ft lbs torque, and only has 20,000 orig miles on it so it should move along OK, besides I have my hot rods, now I want something different. Any help would be appreciated.

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Start pulling...Once you pull the vinyl off, then the foam that is glued on, you will need to get a good stripper <img src="graemlins/nono.gif" border="0" alt="[nono]" /> I mean the chemical kind to remove the glue, once that is all off, start sanding and prepping for paint.
That easy eh. Well I hope so, i'll start next week, when I get the car home. Thanks.

Weimer is right about pulling the material off. You shouldn't need to strip the roof with chemical stripper. The local paint supply store should have a cleaner (ex. 3M) that will loosen up the glue and remove it with rags or some type of plastic scraper. Then sand with a medium grade paper to remove any glue that didn't come loose. Another way is to sand it with a D/A sander, this would be less messy and the glue should be the only thing that needs to be removed. Prime any bare metal and complete the refinishing steps. :D

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Sorry for the misunderstanding on the chemical stripper thing...Tlambert is right, 3M does make and excellent glue/adhesive remover that will suit your needs. I should have specified.
Also you may have to fill a few holes or grind off a few studs before painting...there is probably some there from the moulding clips.
i pulled the vinal top off a 70 mustang the 3m workes best when sprayed on and allowed to set for about 5 min and then scrape off with a ice scraper
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