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replacing/repairing my cab floor

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Hey there,
the cab of my truck was patched by Jack the ripper I think. Man it is a mess and then it has glass resin over it. Now it just shines..Looks like ****. Can you help me. Would it be better to replace these panels (the whole floor) or just get a cab.

Its a 65 GMC 910 pick-up. looking for your answers.

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Vic, just cut out all that old nasty floor that was put in and do it correctly. Grind or chip of the fiberglass resin, cut out the panels and reweld new relacment panels in. If that not possible, cut out the old ones and make new patch panels with shetmetal and weld in, put some por15 or any kind od paint to seal them off from the world and your set.

HK has sheet metal for 65 chevy trucks. dont have their cat for that year (yet-gotta 65 in the wings floor too) but for my 56 the floor is devided up into 4ths, 80 bucks ea. for the front halvs and 50 ea for the rears. late
I'm fix'en to do the same to my '62. Does the Bull or Weenking recomend welding, spot welding, brazing,??
What's your take?

I myselc recoment butt welding just because i like a smooth seamless surface on everything thats possible. That and I preffer doing this because it doesn't allow any overlap or spaces for moisture to hide and cause the same thing you just replaced. Its great on show vehicles, great for keeping the floors solid, not to shabby to apolster with thing fabrics or leathers, no humps bumps or unsightly ribs. Any way will work, most newer replacment pans from GM just have certain spots to weld them in at. Holes are pre drilled and all you have to do is spot weld them in. Either way will work, but I preffer my way just because I'm old-fashioned and stubborn and in my mind its the right way.

Thanks folks... Any other tips or tricks. This will be my 1st project. The fun begins spring 2003
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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