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Retrofitting Modern car seats thread

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Have any of you tried to take a seat from a modern car, remove the side airbag and the complete seat base/brackets and put the seat back on a base suited for your old car?
Many modern car seats looks good, and are comfortable, but often the seat basees for several reasons are totally unsuited for a small sized hot rod.
I know this would make the seat less adjustable, that's not a big issue for me.
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Don't want to turn this thread in another direction BUT may be a good place to list a few thoughts regarding choosing seats in general. When I'm selecting seats for a new project first I measure door to door minus any center console. This will be the max width of the seats. Second, is it a coupe, 4 door or two door sedan. If two door sedan the seats must fold to allow getting into the back seat. Coupes maybe fold to get to stowage behind the seat. I don't like headrest sticking up so they must be removable (just me). Last is just a basic seat, no power 24 ways, no heat etc. Armed with this profile hit the junkyards. Forget the type and color of the covering, I'll be changing it to match my interior.

Not to install the seats. New risers will have to be made because of uneven floors and I like to add a bit of leg lift anyway. For the seat position I copy my daily driver. Front of seat to pedals, seat bottom to steering wheel, seat back to steering wheel and eyes in the middle of the windshield. They pay engineers to get this right, don't change it.
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