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revving an engine

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when is it bad to rev an engine? like while driving and then shifting into neutral? tnx
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Each engine will have its own max rpm. Popping a car into neutral at high rpm is never a good thing. Missing a shift is pretty well the same thing. If it didn't develop a knock it should be ok.

Revving a cold engine to warm it up is bad. Making sure your choke is set properly will save you alot of grief and money.

Installing a rev limiter is very good insurance. Installing a shift light will keep you consistent. The stronger the parts the higher it can rev without grenading. The stronger the parts the more expensive the motor. Money is a large factor in dictating your rpm limit.

Racing is all about revving the motor to the brink of disaster. Don't rev enough you lose. Rev too much, you grenade, you lose.
It's not bad to rev an engine! It won't even move the vehicle much unless you do! ;)

It can be bad to OVER REV an engine whether in neutral or in gear. :rolleyes: :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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