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I'm trying to figure out what cam I should use for my 383 build. I'm aiming for at least 400hp & 400 ft pounds of torque (preferably with great throttle response and acceleration)

My current parts and specs are as follows:

Compression Ratio is 10.27 : 1

Edelbrock Performer RPM Vortec intake manifold.

64 cc Vortec heads w/ beehive springs

1.6 rocker arm ratio

Rotating assembly:
Eagle Nodular Cast Iron 383 Stroker Crankshaft
6 inch rods
-12cc speed pro pistons

Engine block is a 1991 small block 350 bored .030 over

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were the heads machined for greater valve lift than .450"? Some people will tell you they can go to .480" stock but i wouldn't push your luck. Also how did you get valve springs without knowing what cam you are running. You need to get spring specs from the cam grinder.
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