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has any one every used what they call roddoors
it a durable abs plastic.there know place that
sell them were i live thanks :)
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I got some detailed info from 2 different pro's about Roddoors. Both said Roddoor's product was Great. One guy, who builds hotrods for a living, say's he has used there product and was easy to use. The other guy owns a hotrod parts store, and said he may start carrying there product. I'm going to use it this next summer, so Ill post what the results are when I'm done.
Thumbs up on RodDoors products! You have many style choices, or you can order the plain panels and go crazy making your own designs. The plain panels are also good for headliners and trunks. The beauty of the product is that you can cut the panel, glue contrasting color fabrics on the cut pieces and glue the pieces back together. The panels attach without screws making it very clean. :)
Just the opposite on this end.I sent there door panels back,they fit crummy and dont like the way they mount.(57 chevy pick-up) Have a good trim shop make them for you.I can spot there door panels a mile away at a show ,there not tight to the door and they all look the same. I do how ever like some of there other products.Guess i am a little picky about my customer stuff.
The products are good. Yes, you can spot them because the molded plastic shapes look the same regardless what car they are on, but they can be covered in different manners, and customized to whatever degree you want. Some of the styles are very generic too, and could be modified to be unique and difficult to recognize as a Roddoors product. They are attached with durolock tape, which is like super heavy duty velcro. That is why they stand a little away from the panel. They are just vacu formed ABS plastic, so if they don't fit right, you may glue additional panel parts to them, or trim them. If you want a customized interior and you don't want to hire an upolstery person, these are a good product to check out.
My problem is just as you say the velcro looks crummy.The first day its attached it looks crummy and goes down hill from there.I think you would do just as well to build panels out of real thin wood(lueon??dont know how to spell)and attach with clips like OEM. I however do like there other products. Just seems like a lot of cash for something you could make better yourself very simply.
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