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I have a 355 small block chevy that I built way back in 1991-2 .
it was built with the good stuff.(well as good as a kid with a low wage job could). lunati crank , oliver rods,
trw floating pin pistons, comp 292 cam and roads lifters, brodix trackI heads,
bowtie single plane intake, arp everywhere..
then life hit,, fast forward to 2012-13 it's still never been ran..
I know I have to open it up as the moly lube is mostlikely mud..
and was thinking of changing to a roller cam and maybe a rev kit(if they are still used/needed)
like to stay hyd if I can get a cam that work with the intake/heads compo.. as I've heard horror stories about the solids lifter failing on a street driven car..
help, thanks...
and before someone says it.. yes I could use it as it, with the 292 cam.. but with todays oils and flat tappet cams failure rate.. I'm thinking I'll pass..
but feel free to make points to try to talk me out of a roller.. I'm all ears..
I would never try to talk you out of a roller, I think it's the only system that makes any sense today. Current hydraulic roller technology puts the rev limit somewhere around 6200 because of the weight of the lifter and oil in it, so if you are planning to make power below 6200 (most street motors), a hydraulic roller makes sense. You can rev higher than that with a rev kit, but for my money, if I wanted to rev higher, I'd begin with a solid roller cam.

Progress rolls on, so I would think that the manufacturers have the solid roller problem overcome by now, although I personally have not built a motor for the past few years. I'm retired now and have sold off all my equipment except for hand tools, so I try to limit my involvement to helping others on these boards to make sense of the basics.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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