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Well im im thinking about getting roller rockers and lifters for my heads but im unsure where to start... I don't really know all the specs on my motor but know that its 10:1 comp. kb pistons 250 mega isky grind supposed to have 417hrs/420tq C6 9 inch locker 3:50 right know the heads are ho heads (cast) 3way grind much larger valves, every thing in heads is new but not aftermarket basically stock other then polished and ported. Right know i shift at about 6 grand ( not sure if i can push it past that) Its also balanced and blue-printed. I have no idea about springs/lifters push rods/rockers where should i start and should i take it to a dyno to maybe have them tell me what is the best scenario? A friend of mind said for the price of building up my heads i could almost go out and get some new alum. ones that would boost hp/and tq

thanks for any help folks

billy C
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