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rolling primer

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Has anyone tried a roller for applying primer?

I know it sounds ridiculous at first, but this company makes them <a href="" target="_blank"></a> The more I think about it, the do have some advantages; no overspray, very little fumes, easy cleanup. If you're going to wetsand the primer anyhow, this could be a good way to do spot jobs, or to get etching primer on bare metal quickly.
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PPG makes a rollable primer. If thats your fancy have at it, more power to you. I'll stick with a HVLP gun.

we've used that roll-on primer by ppg in college on few occasions, results are good, i like spraying it more but it came out nice anyway, no masking to do.
Thanks guys. I'd rather spray it too, but I don't think I can get away with it where I live.
Hey I was going to paint my car a flat black primer color. It sounds as thought the roller would help me achieve the look I am going after. Is there and primer that can be sealed then buffed to get a satin finish?? Thanks......

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