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roof welded and welds ground down one question before I start with the evercoat

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Finally got the roof and visor welded on and welds ground down..... I do have the paint on the roof .... factory dodge I presume since it is off of a dodge caravan... there are a few small cracks in this paint... can I sand those down or does the whole roof need to be down to metal?? and if so is there a stipper I can use since sanding this paint is hell... is stinks very bad I am wearing a dust mask. if I have to take it down to metal can I use a stripper and if so do you have to do anything to nuetralize the stripper once the paint is off or does it dry and is rendered useless? I was going to start to go over the welded area with some evercoat but I didn't want to start with out finding out about the paint on the roof...

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Yes, If you use a stripper you will have to neutraulize the stripped metal
or the new paint and primer will peel off the roof as your cruising down the highway. Trust me, it's happened to a few of my friends who were warned and should have known better.

As far as the cracked paint on the roof I would definitly remove it and use metal prep before doing anything else.
no need to strip all paint off all paint on roof ..
just sand and prep areas of repair,,take your time...
use sanding blocks and different grades of sand paper,, wet sand till smooth,,and blend in to stock paint..wet sand in between color coats,, and you will find that your job is smother than stock..
but don't worry ,,no one else will know...
atichargr said:
... there are a few small cracks in this paint...
To me, this indicates that stripping would be the best option. We usually strip single panels with 80 grit DA paper, because it is safe, effective, reasonably fast, and leaves the surface ready for the epoxy primer we use with no other prep step.

There are lots of ways to do it, though.
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