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Roots Blower Temp

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This question has been pondering for quite some time now. . .

I have a 6.0 LS that I am putting a 871 blower on, low compression, all forged internals w/ a comp of around 8.5:1 Most likely will be running right around 7-10PSI of boost on pump gas.
My question is, how bad will my intake air temps be while running 93 octane W/out having a air-water intercooler mounted in-between the intake and the blower. This is a full street build/cruiser and will have right around 5-600+HP to the wheels. Wondering if the blower will get too hot for longer drives and/or road trips. . . Can hot intake air temps ruin the life span of a motor? Was considering running E85 because it burns a little cleaner and cooler but on road trips, gas stations with E85 are a little scarce around me. And methanol? I might have to sell my legs to afford the fuel for the amount of driving i'm planning on doing haha

Thank you! :)
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Hot air output from the blower increases the potential for detonation. This will have limits on ignition advance. Given the 6.0 LS ignition is through the computer, a program change that includes a manifold pressure retard/reduction is required.

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