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Im David and I'm a car junkie.
Having said that I know I'm in good company. This year's project is a 72 Plymouth Scamp 2D HT.
To date:
Stripped to bare metal
Cut the top clean off
Gutted the doors and quarters
Gutted the interior (left the dash)
Determined the frame to be straight
Installed full frame
Running/driving (though not legal w/o rear bumper and taillights

Goal: Get in paint

To do:
Repair lower quarters (rusted through)
Smooth (door handles, emblems, etc)
Chop windshield about 2 1/2"
Install glass fenders, hood, bumpers
Add front fender contour to rear wheelwell openings
Fill window openings ( windows)
Finish top of windshield frame
Body work

I've been reading and watching for several years, but have not done much doing. All of your help and advise will not only be needed, but greatly appreciated.
This forum has been invaluable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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