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Running th-350 w/o trans fluid? good/bad?

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Ok, I broke my motor in (ran it for 30-40mins), but it was spinning my transmission with no fluid in it... Did this destroy my transmission? I didn't drive it .. i only ran it in park.
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Most likely you burned the pump up. It spins with the torque converter.

You did have the converter bolted to the flywheel?
lol.... yes... the converter was hooked up to the flexplate..... crap.. i thought thats what i probably did.. i dunno... i guess i'll try to drive it tomarrow and see what happens.
hopefully not much harm was done, would be wise i think to take the pump out to check for junk in it. if not no harm done, if their is, well you just saved your tranny from injesting all that junk. i can think of 2 people who have done it but they had some fluid in their tranny and they were fine. i almost did it. guess thats what happens when your in a hurry! lol

btw i just noticed your like 30 min from me!
You know its funny you asked that because I did the same thing before, mine was with a C-4 though. I ran my motor probably 30min or so, and when i shut the motor off, I could hear something inside the transmission still moving...winding down for about 4-5 seconds after. Hoping I didnt damage anything I added fuild in and it worked fine, never had a problem with it.

Yeah... I just added fluid and it works fine.... probably might have done some damage maybe... but for right now its shifting strong and putting thoughs big rat 454 cubic inch hp & torque to the ground..... Thanks Guys...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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