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rust h0les

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I have a 63' chevy novaSS that I just got and it has rust holes in both Quarter Skin or panels what ever you call them. I want to know how much it would be to work on it? "no bondo" and also I have a few small dents how much would it to do All the work? A ruff estimate would be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <img src="graemlins/spank.gif" border="0" alt="[spank]" />
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Take it to a local body shop and get an estimate. Tell them you want new sheet metal welded across the holes.

By "no Bondo" I assume you mean not filling the holes with plastic filler. "Bondo" is a trade name like "Nike" or "Chevrolet" or "DuPont."

When people ask me if my 1971 442 has any "Bondo" in it I tell them truthfully that there is absolutely none. I didn't use "Bondo" as my plastic filler, I used "Cuz" from my local NAPA jobber, and there is some Cuz in it, but no Bondo!

Yeah, Benji!!! CUZ is my fav-o-right also!! No matter how good we think we are- a little has to be used- (unless we're talking Ron Covell or Fornier....)!!!
When I was an insurance adjuster I used to tell people that we didn't recommemd bondo either. We recommended "professional body filler". There are very few people that have the capability, or the time, to do repairs with absolutely no filler at all. I have a 67 Mustang that I am working on right now that I will "use" less than 1 qt total on the car. That includes what ends up on the floor. If it didn't have so many areas that had been worked on before it would take even less. Then again it is my car, and I have the time to do it that way. I wouldn't do it for someone else as a habbit. Too costly!
In my opinion the only thing worse than too much filler sometimes is not enough filler :D
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