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I've said this before here and I will say it again. In order for metal to rust, it must be exposed to water and air. If you can stop the air and water from getting on the metal it will not rust. I recently bought a wheel for my Model A Ford. It had rust pits galore on the outer surface. It also still had a tire on it. When I removed the tire, the inside of the wheel was in perfect condition, absolutely no rust. Why? Because the metal was protected by the paint and the paint was protected by the tire. Painting metal will stop rust provided the paint is applied in sufficient quantities to prevent air or water from penetrating it.

All you need to do is remove the loose scale with a wire brush. I use one on my grinder, then clean with enamel reducer or DX 330, then prime, and block sand until the pit is gone. You may have to prime and block three or four times to get the pit back up to the level of the surrounding area. I have done hundreds of rusted areas in hundreds of cars like this in the past 35 years and have not had a problem.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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