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Rust protection for steering linkage

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Guy's I have steel steering rods and u-joints from Borgeson which connect the steering column to the gear box. What do you all do to prevent these from rusting. Are they usually painted or put some sort of coating like WD40 and let them go.
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I'm one of those weirdos that likes to cover everything. I use plastic caps on my grease fittings, sleeves or even pieces of rubber tubing over exposed bolt threads. Even heavy aluminum foil with cable ties if I can't find a better solution. Along with that, I always coat everything with anti-sieze.

I don't like wresting with parts that corrode after I've already worked on them.

So I maybe go a little overboard.

Anyhow, what I would do is get a suitably-sized rubber bellows. You can then cover the u-joints and give a clean appearance. Could probably use hose clamps to secure them, although there are probably cleaner-looking ways. Even cable ties might work.

They'll keep out dirt and grime and look decent too.

McMaster Carr typically has all sorts of stuff like that. ( although there are probably cheaper places.
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