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Find a bud thats got a mig welder and weld a patch in. If you are going to fix it then you might as well fix it right to begin with. You can also rent small welders. You should be able to look in the yellow pages and find someone that does portable welding that could come there and do it. It shouldn't cost too much. Then use All-metal as Bullheimer suggested. This is waterproof and tough. Make sure you don't put it on too thick as it will take awhile to sand if doing it by hand in corners and tight places. All-metal has aluminum filings in it to add strength. After all this you should not have to ever worry about this area again. If you do find someone that does portable welding make sure you get on his good side as you'll probably have more to weld later. Advise him of this and make sure to have most of the welding ready when he makes a return trip. Keep a few cold ones in the fridge just incase. You might end up with someone that wants to hang around and help out.

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