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If you are set on not welding I would use fiberglass mat and filler. First you have yo remove all the rust. That neutralizer stuff IMO is not really effective unless it is light surface rust in which cas you can sand it off easily. Anyway, if you get to the repair from the back side it is easy to make a resin/mat sandwich and slap it over the hole. If you have to put it on the top, use a hammer to slightly indent(only about 1/16" deep) the edge of the rust hole so that when you apply the "sandwich" over the hole, the end product will be level with the original hieght of the metal. If you do this right, it will block sand off nicely and all you have to do is prime and prep it. Is however takes some practice when using fiberglass.

Oh ya, make the "sandwich" on a piece of seran wrap. Let it cure with the seran on it, and then just peel it off after about 30 minutes. Sounds weird, but will work like a champ.

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